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Eva has a wonderful gentle but firm way with clients, and is very thoughtful and caring toward them. She has a special way of connecting to clients, according each clients’ needs, neurology and personality. She is able to use her theoretical clinical knowledge in a practical and useful way. I highly recommend Eva. Dania Jekel

Executive Director, AANE

One of the most insightful counselling professionals I’ve met in years! I feel blessed to have connected with Eva. I can honestly say her article is the clearest and most valuable I’ve ever read on the subject of a nonspectrum/AS marriage! Simply put, Eva has incredible insights and talent in this field! Susan Moreno

Founder/CEO of Oasis at MAAP

When we first met with Eva I was as tired as a marathon runner who sees the finish line but has no strength left to cross it. I was totally spent, exhausted with trying to make an emotional connection with my husband. I smiled at that first meeting when I did not think I could and since then there have been times when I have found my laughter again. Eva is warm and respectful and very much the instructional guide that my husband and I need as we learn to communicate with each other in a way that is beginning to meet our deepest needs. My husband seemed so relieved at her assessment of his Asperger. He has often commented to me that “she gets him.” He is willing to learn. He has hope for himself and for us, so I am willing to become a student as well. Penny G

Spouse of an adult with AS

After just our first session with Eva I felt that she understood me. It was as if she knew my twin. Eva is very knowledgable about Asperger and already in only a few sessions has had a positive impact on our marriage. My wife was increasingly frustrated with me. Eva has helped both of us understand how we can improve our ability to communicate with each other taking into consideration that I have trouble “reading people or situations” and need time to process emotional situations. Justin G

adult with AS

We traveled from Florida for a 2-hour session with Ms. Mendes that transformed our marriage from being at the brink of destruction to being on solid ground and giving me new hope of a happy life with my husband. It was amazing to see how one visit with the right professional could make such a dramatic change in our lives. This was the best investment in our marriage that we could have made. Worth the time, effort and money to travel across the nation to see Ms. Mendes. I highly recommend it! June S

Spouse of an adult with AS

After suspecting that Gautam had AS while we were dating, things went really downhill in the first year of our marriage. We reached out to Eva through AANE. She was the fourth therapist we had connected with, but the first who was able to instantly diagnose Gautam. Eva truly got the whole picture – and I finally found someone who understood what I was going through and didn’t put off our troubles as “personality clashes”. We’ve been working with her for over a year now with regular video calls on Skype from our home in India. Eva’s warm, easy going and non-judgemental nature makes it easy for both of us to open up to her- an especially important quality given that Gautam isn’t very comfortable opening up to new people. Eva is the best thing that has happened to us- we would not have made it this far without her! Payal and Gautam R

Couple in a neurodiverse marriage

I have known and collaborated with Eva for a long time. Among her many strengths, her greatest advantage lies in her expertise of working with clients of diverse cultures. Having lived on two different continents and traveled many countries, Eva is extremely aware of different cultural values, backgrounds and dynamics that play a role in a person’s life. She deeply cares for all her clients and has a unique, individualized approach towards each of them. I highly recommend Eva as a therapist and a couples counselor. Nisha Narvekar

Assistant Director, The LifeMAP Program at AANE

Just wanted to tell you that is it amazing how Eva has turned the Womens’ group around. She has recruited new members and instilled a direction in the group that was missing before. Her skillful leadership is recognized by all and I feel I am learning a lot from her and loving it. Marcia Robinson

School Psychologist/AANE Coordinator of Volunteer Services

I wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank Eva and the organization for doing such an outstanding job on the monthly group sessions. My daughter could not stop raving about how much she enjoyed group and how much advice she gained. She also said she feels less stressed about college options after hearing from the other girls. Again, I am so grateful she has the opportunity to participate—these types of groups have never been successful in the past so this is a great accomplishment. M.B

Parent of a young woman with AS

I am so glad I found Eva! Today she made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Not only is there someone who truly understands what I am going through, but who can help me help myself and my family. I do not have enough words to thank her!! I feel blessed that I found her and that she was able to take me on as a client. She is an angel. Rae H

Client, spouse of a man with AS

Eva Mendes is a knowledgable, skilled and compassionate group leader. I would not hesitate to participate in a future group lead by her and/or recommend to others any group/s led by her. The group has been tremendously helpful in that, regarding being “NT” married to “AS.” I felt believed, seen, heard and understood. I personally am not very amenable to, nor do I connect very well with group work but after the first session, I felt especially comfortable speaking and sharing thoughts and feelings regarding me, my husband, and our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Participant of the Spouse/Partners Support Group

I was taken aback with the instant feeling of companionship and cohesiveness of the Women’s Group. In the Women’s Group, the clients were able to freely express their experiences and relate to one another, even to the point of sharing that they do not necessarily feel comfortable being open in mixed gender ASD groups. In a world where of people with Asperger tend to feel isolated and alone, the Women’s Group offers a safe place for women to be comfortable and honest with their experiences. Social Work Intern at AANE

I would love to be considered for couples therapy with Eva. I think my husband would respond well to Eva because she is so positive and patient and draws people out. Sue P

Spouse of a man with AS and participant of the Spouse Support Group

I really enjoyed working with Eva – she is very knowledgeable in the area of Asperger. She was able to help me through a time when I needed to understand more about the father of my baby, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as a child. Eva is very thoughtful, easy to work with, and asked many good questions in order to help me better understand what I was feeling. Mary O

Partner of an adult with AS

I would like you to know that Eva is one of very, very, very few people in my entire life who’ve truly touched me to my soul. I think she is just amazing and wonderful. Katherine F


Eva Mendes has helped my husband and me tremendously in our relationship by giving us tools to learn how to communicate with each other. These tools helped me personally by motivating me to open myself to my husband and communicate my needs. Dusya L

Client with AS

With a few suggestions and some coaching from Eva, I saw what was missing for my wife in our marriage. Eva made it clear to me where I needed to focus to maintain our relationship. I found it helpful to our marriage to get counseled from a relationship expert like Eva. Doug G

Client with AS

Eva’s presentation at North Shore Medical Center was a great success! Every completed participant evaluation form reflected, what an excellent job she did. Several people commented, on how much they enjoyed her interweave of theory and the practical applications to their clinical work. Eva is a gifted speaker and possesses a wonderful ability to connect with a diverse audience.  We thank her for being so well prepared, flexible and easy to work with. She made my job a pleasure. Hopefully, she will consider doing another presentation for us.

Ilene Swartz

LICSW, Site Coordinator, North Shore Medical Center

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