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Eva Mendes and Hillary Hurst Bush paper on gender identity and sexual orientation for women with Asperger's and autism spectrum disorder

Anik’s Story

Anik, 22, who is White and European American, began counseling at the behest of their parents due to their questions about ASD and gender identity. Anik currently uses and prefers to be referred to by the pronouns “they/them/theirs”. They dress in busi- ness casual attire—oversized silk blouses neatly tucked into their tailored trousers, and keep their messy, curly hair in a ponytail. They have a bache- lor’s degree in history and are currently unemployed and looking for a job. Anik was designated female at birth and was given a girl name. For the last two years, they had begun to suspect that they were agender and had been using the name Anik.

Anik first received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and ADHD at 12 years old, when they first began to worry about their parents getting a divorce. In spite of the fact that their parents remained married, at 15 years old, Anik was diagnosed with depression and anorexia and was briefly hospitalized. More recently, Anik came across a blog about women with autism and began to wonder about being autistic. Their par- ents thought that it would be useful for Anik to come see an ASD specialist to find out more about ASD.

Click here to continue reading Labels Do Not Describe Me: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Among Women with Asperger’s and Autism by Eva Mendes and Hillary Hurst Bush

Click here for the Spanish translation, “Las etiquetas no me describen”: la identidad de género y la orientación sexual entre las mujeres con Asperger y Autismo

Bridging Parallel Play in Asperger Marriage: A Thesis

by Eva A. Mendes


Read Now! For $29.99

Please Note: This book is a PDF file (not a printed copy) of Eva’s thesis. Once you pay for it via Paypal, you will receive a link to the PDF that you can download and read.

Read Eva’s Thesis! 87 Pages of Information About Marriage and Relationships with Asperger’s/Autism!

About Bridging Parallel Play with Asperger Marriage: “Many couples tell us that common interests and activities is what first brought them together: long walks, boat rides, hikes, picnics, dance events, exercise classes, and travel. After getting married, however, many of these joint activities tend to fall off the couple’s schedule due to life obligations. Many couples in an AS marriage tend to engage in what is known as “parallel play,” where one partner engages in a preferred activity or hobby alone, rather than seeking out his or her partner to enjoy these activities together. Individuals with ASD struggle with social/communication initiation and reciprocity. A husband with Asperger Syndrome or an Autism Spectrum Disorder can literally go days, weeks, or even months without spending quality time with his NT partner, leaving the NT partner feeling abandoned, isolated and terribly lonely.”

Marriage with Asperger's Syndrome: 14 Practical Strategies

by Eva Mendes | NEW!!! Hear Eva narrate from her widely-read paper on AS-NT couples!

Marriage with Asperger’s Syndrome: 14 Practical Strategies pdf

Matrimonio con Síndrome de Asperger: 14 Estrategias (Spanish translation) pdf

Zespół Aspergera w małżeństwie: 14 praktycznych strategii (Polish translation) pdf

“This is such an excellent paper. You give a lot of information and details that I think would be useful to many people working with those with ASD, as well as family members and those with ASD themselves.” ~Dr. Ashleigh Hillier, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Psychology and Autism Researcher, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

“I really have to tell you that once I read your paper, I couldn’t be at ease until I had it fully translated. What a great paper you wrote! It is such an alive paper! Every statement is so true, is is so practical and those 14 strategies are very schematic and real. A paper like this was really needed. “ ~Dr. Carolina Campos, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, and author of the book, Trastornos del espectro autista (Autism Spectrum Disorders). Cofounder of the Mexican Clinic of Autism (CLIMA) and Cofounder of Asperger Mexico.

“I love your paper. Thank you for the good work you do for our community. You are an angel in our community.” ~Linda Newland, Founder and Director of


Steve Borgman's Podcast Interview with Eva Mendes

Hear Eva talk about her work with students, adults and couples...


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